You’ll Finds the Services You Need with Us

Business success is the primary objective for every business owner. While success can be defined differently from one business to another, the path to that defined success is often similar. Our strategically planned consulting sessions aid small businesses in developing their company toward a designed mission, vision, and objectives. Using our #FACTS (Finance, Administration, Constituency, Technology, and Strategy) Business Development Manual, we navigate our clients through to business success.

Business Consulting Solutions

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development Planning
  • Project Initiative Consulting
  • Policy & Procedure Writing & Review
  • Market Analysis & CRM Implementation

A commonality among most people who have gained and continue to succeed is a good coach. Life can be complex and often challenging to navigate. Having a coach is a significant step toward achieving success in life. Our carefully crafted and compassionate approach to coaching helps individuals intentionally make plans that help them navigate their lives and unique goals. Using our #PACT (Persona, Academic, Career, and Talent) Life Playbook, we guide our clients through achieving life success.

Individual Coaching Solutions

  • Life Development & Mentorship
  • College & Career Readiness Guidance
  • Goal Setting & Family Planning
  • Life Event Counseling
  • Teambuilding & Motivational Speaking

There comes a time in everyone’s life when doing a task yourself is either impractical or simply unwanted. On these occasions hiring someone else to do the work is the most viable option. Our customizable and competitive contracts for hire allow you to determine the scope of our engagement and then turn the reigns over to us to execute with professionalism and perfection. With our #ACTS (Accuracy, Compliance, Transparence, and Safety) Contracting Model, we’ve got your needs covered.

Service Contracting Solutions

  • Web Services & Digital Media Design
  • Event Media & Technology Management
  • Digital Technology Procurement
  • Training & Seminars
  • Furniture & Computer Assembly